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On the Question of: Holidays and Family

Holidays tend to bring up many thoughts, feelings, and questions about our relationship to our family, whether we even see them during this time, or not.

We invite you to participate in an online support workshop to share reflect on our feelings, thoughts, and attitudes towards family and the holidays, as queer and trans people. How do we deal with this period? How does it reflect on us and our relationships with our families? What can be gained during this time, in terms of opportunities to develop these relationships?

The workshop will take place for 2 hours via Zoom on Friday 4.16 between 2:00-4:00 PM, and participants will be required to register. 

We take the necessary digital safety and security measures at alQaws.

The workshop will be guided by a professional group facilitator from alQaws’s staff.

The “On the Question” workshops are a series of digital workshops that aim to provide a space for LGBTQ people from afar. They aim to give space to share and reflect on our queer experiences on several emotional, cognitive, and behavioral levels. The space also works on exploring our personal knowledge, capabilities, and opportunities that we can leverage to trigger change in our own lives.