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Singing Sexuality Releases Last Single of 2018

alQaws’ music production project Singing Sexuality, initially launched in 2013, made a comeback in 2018 with 3 singles: the first was el-Ossa Hiyyi Hiyyi (Same Old Story) by Ramallah-based artist Yusor, and Ma Betghayyerni (You Won’t Change Me) by Bashar Murad from Jerusalem. Today, Singing Sexuality introduces its last release of the year, “Khali Hobbak Yekhtar” (Let Your Love Decide) by Haifa-based group Darbet Shams.

The song, written and composed by Samer Asakli, features an oriental style, and the lyrics explore the struggles of being different from what is considered acceptable in society, calling for change and celebrating the freedom of choice.

Darbet Shams is composed of lead vocalist Hanan Wakeem, oudist Samer Asakli, buzuq player Ward Bakri, and percussionist Ayal Samara. Bass player Wael Abu Jabal also joined the production. The band, first formed in Haifa in late 2017, has since developed its own unique musical style and identity.

alQaws’ return to music production this year was a rich and unique experience for us. Fueled by our audience’s interaction, we grew even more adamant to constantly utilize more artistic and creative platforms to bring sexual and gender diversity issues to the forefront. Although “Khali Hobbak Yekhtar” is the final release of our 2018 productions, it definitely won’t be the last. Always stay tuned for more from alQaws.