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Tarwiha 2, Queer Youth Comics: Tackling Family Relationships

On Wednesday, March 20, alQaws launched the second season of our queer youth comic series “Tarwiha” with a revamped visual style and a more nuanced educational approach. The season’s first episode highlights the bittersweet nature of our relationship with family, and the tension between two essential, yet often separate, parts of lives: our family and our (queer) friends.

This season features 8 episodes tackling our relationship with family, from daily lived experiences to more tense moments, bringing Tarwiha’s storylines closer to reality with stories and experiences inspired by LGBT/queer youth that we meet..

The comic’s scripts are collaboratively developed and written by alQaws’ media and cultural programming coordinator and alQaws activists. On the design and visuals, we are proudly working with artist Haitham Haddad. We released Tarwiha episodes on alQaws’ social media pages and on a special landing page that includes all the episodes (including season 1). We will release a printed volume of all 8 episodes in fall 2019.

You are invited to follow the adventures of Rasha, Rani, Sari, and Majd in the second season as they explore the complex relationship with their families. Keep the experiences of these characters alive by reading and sharing their exciting and poignant stories.

To stay up-to-date with Tarwiha’s episodes, follow us on social media or on Tarwiha’s site: