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We’re Searching For alQaws’ Next Director

This recruitment is part of a long process of leadership transition at alQaws that started early this year with the participation of alQaws’ local and national leadership. We feel that young people joining different leadership roles, including management positions at alQaws, is an important step to the growth and sustainability of the queer movement in Palestine.

alQaws is seeking an inspiring and committed person with a vision and a strong belief in grassroots community organizing with different segments of Palestinian society. We are looking for someone who is inspired by the history of the queer movement in Palestine and is passionate to lead the future of our movement. We are seeking an activist with deep knowledge of sexual and gender diversity issues in Palestine and an understanding of its intersections with social and political  forces impacting our society.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop new strategies and work approaches to follow the rapid changes around sexual and gender diversity issues in Palestinian society.

  • Overall management of the organization including staff management, financial management, and resource development.

  • Lead the development of future strategic and annual work plans and oversee their implementation and evaluation process.

  • Work directly with alQaws’ national leadership through annual gatherings, manage a transparent and consistent decision-making and information sharing process, and lead different organizational processes to maintain alQaws’ vision as a grassroots organization.

  • Manage emergency cases strategically in response to social and state violence.

  • Network with local Palestinian civil society organizations, represent alQaws before funders, international and local groups, and work with the media.


Vacancy Requirements:

  • Commit to alQaws’ principles and goals as a queer feminist anti-colonial organization.

  • Passion for social change and a high motivation to work with different segments of Palestinian society.

  • Advanced knowledge of sexual and gender diversity issues on both local and global levels.

  • Proven experience in organizational management, staff management and community organizing.

  • knowledge about group work, in addition to interpersonal and high communication skills.

  • Fluency in both Arabic and English, and basic knowledge of Hebrew.

  • Excellent computer skills and suitable office programs.


Nature of the Vacancy:

This is a full-time position that requires the new person’s devotion, high communication skills, team and group work with activists, allies, friends and staff in a consistent and transparent way. alQaws is not a traditional organization and our work sets off from political principles and values of liberation and social justice. Therefore, alQaws director position is not traditional nor technical, on the contrary, this position requires a political commitment and strong desire to social change, that we hope will be reflected in building strong connections with our grassroots communities, and in the political, social and professional representation of alQaws.


How to Apply:

Qualified candidates are requested to send an updated CV in Arabic and a cover letter of not more than 400 words indicating motives for applying by email to board@alqaws.org. Applications are due by June 15, 2020.


alQaws is primarily seeking a suitable Director who is capable of leading the organization, however, priority will be given to queer activists.

Only suitable and complete applicants will be contacted.