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alQaws Publishes Guidebook for Journalists

alQaws published earlier this month the guidebook “Journalism Guidelines for Covering Sexual and Gender Diversity Issues.” It serves as handbook for journalists, media outlets, journalism students, and activists covering stories related to people’s lived sexual and gender experiences, which are mostly marginalized in the media.

This guide comes as part of alQaws’ efforts to work with Palestinian media outlets regarding issues of sexual and gender diversity. The two-year research project titled “Attitudes & Trends in Palestinian Media on Sexual & Gender Diversity Issues” conducted by alQaws last year emphasized the need for professional tools, knowledge, and guidance on individual and institutional levels.

The guide emphasizes the need to cover sexual and gender diversity issues in a professional manner and without censorship. It also addresses some of the challenges facing journalists covering these topics by offering basic concepts, examining the harmful language often used, and discussing the discourse implicit in the way stories are told.

The 38-page handbook comes in three parts. The first part starts by highlighting professional standards and ethics in journalism, while the second provides a basic introduction to sexual and gender diversity concepts, serving as a reference for anyone covering these topics. The final part of the guide offers some practical recommendations and guidelines helpful in different journalistic situations.

It’s important to note that this step comes after several trainings and meetings with journalists from all around Palestine in recent years. The guide comes as a reminder that alQaws is always open for more suggestions, workshops, and joint efforts to develop its work with local media.

Click the image below to download the guidebook in Arabic.